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      Eternal Youth was inspired by tiny creatures called hydras, that hypothetically can live forever. Scientists found over time that their cells are constantly regenerating and they never show any signs of aging! So with this info, it’s possible that there could be some eternal hydras out there, ones that have lived longer than any human and have experienced the Earth in many phases. I imagined these ancient creatures trying to adapt to the current world's trends and culture in the form of portraits. Hydras posing for glamour shots, couples photos, and more. While combing elements of our current world with these faceless blobby creatures, I explored what kind of things dictate a timespan or define a person when you take away the human form. These hydras are working hard to accommodate to the modern era, wearing wings, gems, and posing for the camera.

   Once I began creating the portraits, I became interested in the beginning of the hydra, which is where the landscapes came in.  I felt I couldn't talk about the timelessness of these creatures without exploring their origins. The home page pond is a play on a primordial pool where life could've started, and the meteor strike that you see on this page is based on the idea that life hitchhiked to earth on meteors in the form of tiny cells/organisms.  

     This project as whole served as an exploration of the beginning of time, current day, and timeless creatures who might've just floated through all of it. 

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