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I dreamt of Alpha Draconis again last night, those two beautiful stars circled by my homeworld.


In the dream I've grown wings like the Draco and am soaring over steam vents, soaring over tall mountains, and breathing the rich, humid air.

I try to land on the planet's surface but there's no friction. I start to slide, faster and faster, completely losing control. I'm going hundreds of miles an hour and on a crash course with a jagged rock formation.

Even if it becomes a nightmare I love to dream of Alpha Draconis.

I am there in my dreams but when I wake up I am still 300 light years away.


I'm in a casino and I win $500,000 from a slot machine. I hate gambling but in my dream I put $1 into the machine just to see what would happen. I'm ecstatic. I immediately realize that this means I can quit this job, and I'm ready to tell everyone. All I have to do is claim my money. The slot machine dispenses a stack of chips that represent my winnings. The chips are thin silicon wafers. My claws are too clumsy and I keep dropping them. I can't hold on. I try to hold on tighter and they begin to crumble between my fingers onto the floor.


I finally reach the window where I can turn my chips in for money, but the chips have turned to dust. I try to explain to the woman behind the plexiglass that I've tried my best to hold on to the chips, but they're just too fragile. She will not listen to me. Security guards come and drag me out of the casino.


We've been up against a ridiculous deadline at work and I've barely been sleeping. I spend hours in bed a state of half sleep with images the office bubbling up from the muck in the back of my brain. Disjointed bits -- flickering fluorescent lights, too many people crammed into my workstation, endless labyrinths in huge, empty buildings. I do remember one of these dreams pretty clearly. I'm at some kind of corporate event and there's a table with one of those huge cold cut and cheese trays meant for hundreds of people. John, my boss, looks at me and then just unhinges his jaw and swallows the entire tray.

I've been dozing off at my desk lately. No dreams, just a white light and the warmth of the sun so real I can feel it. An overwhelming feeling of freedom.

No one ever realizes that being cold blooded just means that I love the sun. 

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