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Dreaming of Alpha Draconis  was created by Adrian Pijoan as part of the De:Formal Online Residency. Adrian was the resident for the month of October, 2020.🎃

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Adrian Pijoan transmits his work from somewhere out in the desert of the American Southwest. Sightings of Adrian have been reported at UFO festivals, Bigfoot research conferences, and in the dark recesses of the comments sections of low view count YouTube videos. Through his work Adrian explores the mythological landscapes of both real world and digital places, with a focus on the paranormal as contemporary folklore.

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You can see more work by Adrian by following these links:



Ongoing YouTube project about aliens and the paranormal 👽 (plz subscribe!)

Thx ;)

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- Additional credits -

Clippings of information about the Reptilians and the Pleiadians from : 

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The following sounds were used under Creative Commons Attribution licenses:

Jazzy Vibes #36 (altered with several filters)

Music by Tri-Tachyon -

Otherworldly by JanevdMerwe1995

keyboard-typing-long-looping_Gkz4uBVu.wav by Kaybren Reckland

Epic Finale by X3nus

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Thank u to Vincent and Wednesday <3 <3 <3

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