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Deformation and Reformation:
A Modern Taste of Asian Identities


Western imperialism and colonialism have created a catastrophic impact on the preservation of the diversity of Asian cultures. When the Western media or Hollywood only focuses on tokenizing the portrayal of Chinese/ Japanese and Korean identities, other Asian voices are left unheard or misrepresented. 

Deformation and Reformation: A Modern Taste of Asian Identities is a show dedicated to changing an outdated dynamic where Western canon dictates the narratives of Asian lives.


This exhibition centers around the idea of contemporary Asian art as a collective whole and also as distinctive individuals.

By challenging the power of Western intervention, the deformation of the originality and authenticity of the diverse East shall end. Our goal is to see a reformation where “Asian identity” is no longer a singular term in the Western political, social, and economic glossary. Instead, “Asian identities,” the abundant and rich cultures of the East, can be finally put on the table for careful and respectful appreciation.

De:Formal x Baitball 02

Curator: Hongzheng Han

Designer: Wednesday Kim



Alice Yuan Zhang,  Keith Lafuente, Mengqi Chen,  Guanyu Xu,  Natasha Tontey,  Umber Majeed,  Bahareh Khoshooee, Qianqian Ye, Xiaowei Wang and  Annette Hur.

De:Formal is an artists-run online platform dedicated to promoting critical conversations in contemporary art. We present emerging artists who work with video, performance, installation, sculpture, media art and other forms under-recognized in the conventional gallery system.

We conduct artist interviews, curate online and offline exhibitions, and host monthly virtual residencies.

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