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#EverChangingFacade / 2020 / 360 Video Projection Mapping Upon Foam Sculpture

Everchanging facade examines the influence of Western soft imperialism on Iranian culture, structures of power and aesthetic sensibilities.


Visual content from social media (specifically images pulled from Explore on Instagram which are sensitive to where you live, who you follow, and what you "like") are digitally layered with Khoshooee’s own self-portraiture, animated, and project mapped upon the surface of the sculpture—through 4 projectors. The piece is a convoluted and ever-shifting digital skin of algorithmic content projected upon

the static and tangible aggregate of familiar yet foreign forms.

Examining the disjunct between digital and physical space, mind and body, body and language, language and second language, the piece looks at

the struggle to communicate and to navigate as an immigrant in the US, and as a human in the virtual realm.

Bahareh Khoshooee .png
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