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HTTP5.0   /  2020

inspired by what Offskii@offskii_ has been through. Our group of artists Yinan@justyinan Velvet Robot@djvelvetrobot Cocoonics@athena_cocoonics Mengki@mengkiiii showing support and alley ship in avatar/fibroid form. She cut us apart and disregarded us from her womb and the womb itself but, that’s how we grow as each individual, from nurture, trust, and finally independence. Music: Cocoonics@athena_cocoonics – Plague @eatingmusiclabel

HTTP(@http_shanghai) is the night to explore the future of our culture. Here you can meet artists who have an uncompromising vision and creating possibilities through music and performance. By being open and inclusive ideas and listening to the expressions around us, this safe space is as comfortable and vibrant as HTTP’s clam.

venues: @elevatorshanghai 

HTTP crew: @offskii_ @justyinan @mengkiiii

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