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imagine love manifesting on your skin

Imagine what love itself might look like  
in a physical organic form?
a slow reclamation of your being, after love 
crept in  and grew hollow roots through the
middle of your heart.

last night, Love appeared at the foot of my bed

I  lay still, half awake under my white linen sheet

debating if this glowing sublime form before me was part of a dream

i hazily smiled

it leaped into the air before swallowing me whole

engulfing me in its womb

a swamp like terrarium

muggy but sweet

my skin became plump and crimson as I floated in Love's waters. The air smelt euphoric. The water warm and sweet like sugar in my mouth.  My body was glowing


I felt a deeply joyous pressure on my chest

i could stay here forever i thought

lost in Love 

pruned skin

floating in circles 

drinking up its juice until my stomach bloats and my eyes burn

protect your energy
I never thought i'd see the day.
                                        I never thought i'd see the day.....
i wish you could shelter me.

But love did not feel the same

Its womb grew cold at the thought of forever

the water turned sour, restless


Love spit me out onto my cold bedroom floor

hovered a inch above my wet face

and whispered 3 inaudible words

Love kissed my forehead, kissed my nose

and dissipated before my swollen red eyes.

I dried myself off with my white linen bed sheet that had fallen onto the floor


something akin to grief

mixed with gratitude

with the taste of bitter sugar still on my tongue.

I went back to bed

in shadows caress

knowing love would return to me

better than before

or unravel
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