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Companions in Misfortunes

Companions in misfortunes is a two-night screening event by De:Formal and LA Artcore at Brewery Annex space in Lincoln Heights. It features a group of international artists working in video and merging the physical and the digital. Taken as a whole, the event mashes up self-described introverts' minds and their intrusive thoughts.

All are welcome to join.

Our minds wander into dark places alone at night.

Companions in Misfortunes will open after sundown. Breath in, breathe out. You can smell the darkness and sweetness in the air.


Now, it is in you.

Curators can be found during the opening, daylighting as bartenders serving drinks with AR filters by Nicoleta Mureş , Stacie Ant, Pau Jiménez  and Vitória Cribb.

14 Video works by  Carla  Gannis, Stacie Ant, XUXA SANTAMARIA ( Sofia Córdova + Matthew Gonzalez Kirkland ), Sid and Geri, Maya Ben David, Natasha Tontey, Lee Eun-sol, Hana Yoo, Diana Gheorghiu, Bahareh Khoshooee, Libbi Ponce, Yoshie Sakai, Faith Holland and Cultural Policy. 

*This event is RSVP only and tickets are limited*

*This event is RSVP only and tickets are limited*

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