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Alice is an international art curator and cultural producer based in Los Angeles. Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine Alice is a Co-Founder of a digital art education program entitled “Risa” which serves school kids in Kenya. She also is the founder of the international art agency “Cultural Policy”.

In her curatorial practice, Alice explores the topic of posthumanism, human psychology,  and pushing the borders between reality and completely invented fantastic scenes.

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Snizhana is a Kyiv based visual artist. She currently works at the creative agency “Banda”. She is interested in the topic of defects/imperfections. In her work Snizhana explores the field of ugly aesthetics. Chernetska works in Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects Adobe Illustrator.



Phillip is a Los Angeles based writer, and video director/producer. Originally from the Coachella Valley desert, his work has spanned over a plethora of mediums from narrative and commercial work to music video and creative direction. His main inspirations come from the magic of what we would normally see as mundane interactions of everyday life. Phil finds these moments to be not only our most fascinating expressions, but our most telling. 


Philip makes music and software in Los Angeles. He operates a record label called Inter-modal. His work is about being extremely excited about certain beautiful things, especially the Sierra Nevada mountains and digital sound-making technology.


De:Formal is a an online platform dedicated to promoting critical conversations in contemporary art. We present emerging artists who work with video art, performance, installation, media art and other forms under-recognized in the conventional gallery system. We have been conducting monthly artist interviews and curating online exhibitions since 2015.

De:Formal is based in New York City and run by artists.

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