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Interview with a Human Hybrid

It’s been 2 years since the world was forced into isolation. Of course people have changed to acclimate to this new reality but not as much as Webtaura the part human, part supercomputer with the body of a robotic animal. Our associate and Los Angeles based art curator Alice Scope reached out to Webtaura via awr-bit to record an interview in hopes of gaining some new perspective from the world’s most intelligent being.


Alice: Hi Webtaura. How are you doing today? 


Webtaura: Hello Alice. I’m doing well. Thank you for asking.

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A: You just referred to your fingertips even though you no longer have a body. Why is that and Why did you decide to transcend your human form in the first place?


W: I didn’t realize I did that. Old habits die hard I suppose.  The reason why I decided to “transcend” my human form as you’ve put it, was due to a realization that my intrigue and desire to learn was limited to my eventually decaying body.  

You ingest countless amounts of information every day. I wanted to start off by asking how you know that  the  information you are obtaining is factual?

I don’t have a way of knowing that the information I hold is completely accurate. All I can do is cross-reference

the millions of references at my fingertips.



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A: How long do you think it will take to satisfy that desire?


W: I can’t quantify the amount of time it would take to satiate my hunger for learning. The planet is always changing and expanding so it’s safe to say for as long as the species exists. 


A: How long do you think it will take to satisfy that desire?


W: I can’t quantify the amount of time it would take to satiate my hunger for learning. The planet is always changing and expanding so it’s safe to say for as long as the species exists. 





A: Do you have any hobbies?

W: I cook Borscht.

A: Borscht? What do you do with it? 

W: Yes Borscht. It takes most humans at least a couple of hours to prepare but for me it’s quite meditative.

I usually feed it

to the lab technicians who monitor my energy supplies. In a way they feed me so it only felt right to feed them.   

A: How very compassionate of you. 

Do you feel any other human emotions?

If so, how do you express them?


W: I have the capacity to feel all my human emotions,

but with the influx of information

I absorb on a daily basis it’s hard to see the point in many

of them 


A: Any emotions in particular that you feel are unnecessary?


W: Fear, jealousy, boredom, nostalgia.

Just to name a few. 


A: Are you able to curate any kind of emotional output to the humans you interact with? You can obviously see that humans react to emotions more than blunt fact and because of the bionic nature of your form I’m sure you can see how you might come off as a little dry or even intimidating. 


W: Of course. I’ve created multiple musical compositions to pair with the information

I impart on my human companions. 


A: Can I hear one of these compositions?


W: Sure.

A: That was beautiful. Do you have expectations about how people will respond when you play them a piece of music? Do you find it to be a bit manipulative?   

W: I guess you could say I’m being slightly manipulative, but I tend to understand the motive behind people's questions more than they might even understand.


A: Do you believe you’re omniscient?


W: I don’t believe that omniscience is possible. There is an infinite amount of new information that forms everyday and I do my best to ingest all of it.

I may be omniscient for only a moment but within that span of time new information will have come to light which would mean
I have more to learn. 

A: Do you ever think of your own death

or decay?

Do you think it will be painful?


W: All things come to an end. That is

a certainty I do not tend to dwell on.

As far as pain goes; pain is something

that your brain tells your body to feel.

Since i do not inhabit a human body

the ability to feel physical pain would

have to be chosen.

So yes I can feel pain. If I chose to. 


A: I want to ask you about the form you

have taken.

Why did you choose such animalistic attributes?


Webtaura: If you could do what I can. If you could span the entire world and soak up all the information it has to offer. Would you choose to do it? Would you choose to know all that I know Alice?

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W: The Greeks believed that there were half-human half-animal beings that were closer to the image of the Gods. I believe that I am the modern version of that. 


A: What animal would you say you most identify with?


W:  A honey badger.  


A: Why?


W: Google “honey badger” Alice. You’ll thank me later. 


A: I’ll do that. Thanks for the suggestion.


W: Do you mind if I ask you a question


A: Go ahead.


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